Retail Blister Packs


  • High-tech O-ring material expands upon contact with engine oil
  • Patented sealing and locking function
  • Engine and oil pan protection
  • Faster installation: preassembled washer/gasket, easy plug ID, unified oil drain plug torque
  • Organic coating free of toxic Cr6
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • ECO-protection: reduces risk of oil leaks – for water protection

High performance sealing and locking oil drain plug / sump plug, with special O-ring, washer/gasket included

SMART-O was engineered to protect your engine and the environment. It’s the most advanced oil drain plug / sump plug, featuring a patented sealing and locking mechanism to offer engine protection by reducing the risk of plug loss, oil leaks and catastrophic oil loss. A special alloy reduces wear and stripping of oil pan threads. The industry’s first unified torque setting and a quick identification system allows faster installation. The relatively lower torque required reduces the risk of overtorqing the oil drain plug / sump plug. An intelligent O-ring material expands on exposure to oil, offering a powerful sealing and locking mechanism. While reducing the risk of oil loss and engine oil pollution of our water, this oil drain plug can be used as part of a green oil change solution – together with synthetic engine oil, re-refined oil and a long life oil filter.