Hand Tools & Power Tools


  • GIBBS drive out moisture from wet power tools.
  • GIBBS lubricates bearings and cleans electric motor brushes.
  • GIBBS will not leave a sticky, dirt-attracting residue, or jell in cold weather.
  • A wipe over with GIBBS will loosen any surface rust and will leave a thin film that will prevent rust in the future.

 Caution: Disconnect power tools, appliances and other live electrical sources before spraying

Another Success!

To my horror, after looking high and low for my electric drill, I realised that I had left it in the garden. The big problem was that it was snowing! The drill was drenched. I dried it out and my neighbour suggested that I spray it with GIBBS before I tried it. It works beautifully and seems to be suffering no ill effects from its ordeal. I would now like to buy some for myself.

Kevin R Herts