About Phenix Automotive

Phenix Industries is a US manufacturer of performance automotive aftermarket products. Our goal is to design higher quality, better performing, and affordable fluid control products for use in the automotive, racing, and hydraulic industries. Phenix is a family owned company with a passion for racing. CEO Bill Paddock has been involved in racing for over 40 years and has watched the sport evolve in both speed and safety. He has been involved in numerous facets of motorsports from NASCAR, Drag, Road-Race, and Off-Road, and currently has a collection of vintage Indy and NASCARs which he and his wife race. As a driver and “crew chief,” Bill saw the opportunity to improve driver safety and convenience when presented with manufacturing a new style of locking fittings. In addition, Phenix is continually introducing high quality performance plumbing products for the racing industry.

About Phenix Industries Australia

Phenix Industries Australia commenced operations in 2009 and is headed up by Andrew Kluver, himself a driver of historic racing cars. Andrew’s current historic racing cars include a Milano GTII and a Lola CanAm car formerly owned by Paul Newman Racing and driven by Keke Rosberg and Australian Elliot Forbes Robinson (EFR).

Phenix is based in Sydney.

The Phenix Philosophy

When we got into this business, we made the decision not to sell to the major online and catalogue distributors. Instead, we chose to go local. Why? Maybe because we’re a bunch of car and race nuts with friends working down the street in the neighbourhood speed shops. We saw an opportunity to offer our products at a competitive price by cutting out added layers of distribution. Many manufacturers sell through rep firms and/or wholesale distributors. By the time it makes it to the shelf, it’s been marked up several times so everyone gets their cut. That’s where we’re different. Phenix sells directly to those in the performance and aftermarket industry who are both selling and installing our plumbing on their projects.

We value the personal relationships and opportunities our customers have brought us. From project cars, to racers, to record holders, we’ve been involved in many projects in the performance market. And having that kind of personal relationship with direct feedback helps guide the kinds of products we offer and new innovations we come out with.

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Enquiries & Orders

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