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gibbs-industrial1Stainless Steel

With more and more use of stainless steel for wall cladding and hand rails etc in the work place and recreational areas such as shopping centres, finger-marking and smearing is becoming a great problem. There is a solution – GIBBS will not only clean and remove finger marks from stainless steel surfaces but make them much more resistant to further marking.

  • GIBBS is unique and has many applications in industry, many of which complement each other.
  • GIBBS lubricant & corrosion inhibitor, surface cleaner protects without leaving a sticky, dirt attracting residue, therefore, particularly useful in polluted and dusty environments.
  • GIBBS protects machinery that is prone to clogging and jamming will run for longer when regularly lubricated.
  • GIBBS protects bare metal cutting tools ensuring they stay cleaner and remain corrosion-free.
  • GIBBS when applied to bare-metal stock or castings will preserve them from corrosion and be handled without leaving corrosive finger-marks. Finished metal articles are resistant to staining when handled.
  • GIBBS will not interfere with any subsequent painting processes.
  • GIBBS  cleaning abilities means that is extremely useful as a ‘prep-fluid’ for soldering and welding
  • GIBBS is an extremely fast-acting penetrant which speeds-up the stripping and overhauling of machinery and equipment.
  • GIBBS  water-proofs, it is a water-dispersant and contact cleaner, therefore only this one product is needed.
  • GIBBS works in all temperatures, will not gel or leave a sticky dirt attracting residue, can be painted over.

Caution: Disconnect power tools, appliances and other live electrical sources before spraying.