Household & Garden

GIBBS is truly a ‘Tool-kit in a Can.’ There are so many uses around the house and garden that they are almost impossible to list! It is long-lasting, works cleanly and will not attract dirt or dust.

Around the House


  • GIBBS frees-up and gives clean, long-lasting lubrication to door locks, pad-locks and hinges, particularly useful in the salt-laden air of coastal areas.
  • GIBBS cleans PVC window frames and doors to maintain their colour and make them resistant to weathering. protect their locks and hinges
  • GIBBS will un-seize all types of the most stubborn nuts and bolts and fasteners.
  • GIBBS make curtains run smoothly by cleaning and lubricating rails and poles
  • GIBBS cleans chrome and stainless taps and fittings, rejuvenate tired and stained fibre-glass baths, .
  • GIBBS remove finger-marks from stainless steel, aluminium appliances, splash-backs in the kitchen and around the house. It will leave a natural sheen that will be resistant to further marking when touched.
Clean stainless steel with GIBBS to remove streaks and finger marks.

Another Success!

My husband walked into the sea with his ipod in his shorts pocket while we were on holiday. Needless to say it stopped working. When we got home it got forgotten about.Then a friend told me that they had heard about people fixing water-logged mobile ‘phones with GIBBS. Deciding that we had nothing to loose we bought some and took the cover off and and sprayed the inside. Nothing happened, but the next day we tried it again and to our amazement it worked. It hasn’t stopped working since! Thanks GIBBS! Sue S in Suffolk.

Another Success!

The face of my daughter’s electric iron got contaminated with a black tar-like substance which she could not clean off. I was given the task of removing it. I sprayed the flat surface of the iron with GIBBS and waited 10 minutes before trying to remove the black stuff. Using a flat steel blade some came off, I sprayed again and left over night. Next morning I was able clean it off completely and after cleaning with washing-up liquid was able to bring the iron back to full working order again. As a matter of interest my daughter had already tried using WD40 with no success.

My daughters comment was; Thanks dad, can you do the ironing as well?! Thanks GIBBS! Nigel Piggott, Bishops Stortford.

lubricate_mowerIn the Garden & Garage

  • GIBBS free seized padlocks and keep them lubricated and opening smoothly.
  • GIBBS make garage door mechanisms run more free.
  • GIBBS protect and lubricate all hand and power tools, particularly bare metal items such as drill-bits and saw blades.
  • GIBBS start stubborn petrol lawn-mowers / strimmers etc by using GIBBS as an ‘easy-start’ fluid – even safe on 2-strokes.
  • GIBBS cleans and protect barbeques.
  • GIBBS Eliminate squeaky hinges and sticky locks of all types

 Caution: Disconnect power tools, appliances and other live electrical sources before spraying