• GIBBS cleans, lubricates while promoting smooth, reliable, jam-free operation which eliminates malfunctions due to dirty mechanisms. Removes and prevents the build-up and adhesion of all types of stubborn fouling, including plastic searing in shotguns.
  • GIBBS has a viscosity so thin that it will not attract dirt, sand or dust and will not jell in cold weather.
  • GIBBS significantly reduces bore wear, keeps mechanisms clean and corrosion free without harming the primer. It can also be used on trigger groups, bolt carriers, operating rods, slides, magazines, clips, and pistol barrels. Cleaning time can be reduced by over 50% with regular use.
  • GIBBS Provides excellent rust protection reduces corrosion, carbon and lead build-up and treats and preserves wood stocks and barrel bluing.
  • Excellent at preserving and will not damage leather, rubber, wood, glass-filled polymers, or plastics, treats preserves wood stock
  • Waterproofs weapons and will not wash off in fresh or salt water.

Recommended By Members Of The British Army!

“I can genuinely say that, unlike my colleagues using standard issue oil, I did not suffer from one stoppage – on any weapon system. I can only attribute this to GIBBS.”

“I certainly intend to use GIBBS in the future – on exercise and operations. It makes a positive contribution to the effective employment of weapon systems in the most challenging of environments.”

Relied Upon By British Army Regimental Shooting Team!

“No stoppages were experienced in any GIBBS-lubricated weapons, even though the working parts were deliberately left un-cleaned for several days to see how well GIBBS coped with carbon and dust build-up. GIBBS kept on lubricating even after firing many rounds, and notably did not attract dust and dirt.”