wheelsAll types of road wheel can benefit from treatment with GIBBS.

  • GIBBS on bare alloy wheels including Magnesium (which is very prone to corrosion) can be protected by regular treatment leaving them with a long-lasting natural sheen.
  • GIBBS protects powder coated and lacquered alloy wheels which can suffer badly when the coating is chipped or scratched.
  • GIBBS will prevent water from penetrating under the coating and prevent unsightly blistering.
  • GIBBS protects chrome/plated wheels by providing an invisible layer of protection even in the harshest conditions.
  • GIBBS will stay cleaner for longer, its non-sticky nature, reduces brake dust, road dirt, which make wheels easier to maintain while leaving a natural, invisible sheen.
  • GIBBS won’t quickly wash off and its effects are long-lasting.
  • GIBBS can be used on tyre walls, for a natural finish.