How to Use Gibbs Brand Lubricant

Jobs large or small can be treated easily with GIBBS’s pressure-sensitive nozzle. Just press gently for a little – press harder for more. The nozzle ‘straw’ can be used to access small or hard to reach jobs.

When used as a surface cleaner or preservative, GIBBS can be applied with a cloth and buffed dry, for lasting clean protection.

Fitting the Nozzle Straw

         1. Remove the nozzle insert

         2. Fit the straw

         3. You are ready to go!

Click here to download a copy of the Gibbs Brand Aerosol SDS

how to use GIBBS brand lubricant - 1

how to use GIBBS brand lubricant - 2
how to use GIBBS brand lubricant - 3
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